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Five Years: The Quietus’ 5th Birthday Party


The Quietus now fills more or less the same place that the NME did for me in the mid-1980s – smart, impassioned, and funny, as well as generally spot-on with its opinions. It has, amazingly, been going for 5 years now and last night they threw a party featuring some of their favorite acts. Luckily these are also some of my favourites.

East India Youth, on first, played a slightly different set to the one I heard at End of the Road last weekend – fewer songs and more of the noisy electronic pieces. It will be interesting to see where he goes next – possibly towards the banging end of things. There’s going to be a Vince Clarke remix of something soon, anyway – which sounds promising.

Teeth of the Sea provided the meat in the night’s sandwich, powering through material from Your Mercury and the brilliant, and imminent, 3rd album MASTER. Seeing them between two more obviously electronic, dancier, acts (instead of the usual Gnods or Goats) emphasised not only the fact that TOTS still seem like a band, but also what a great party band they are. Ok, they’re not exactly what most people expect from a soul revue, but they certainly had us dancing.

Finishing off the main part of the night were Factory Floor, who are also about to release a hotly-anticipated album. I didn’t see as much of this as I would have liked but as expected they struck a balance between smart invention and irresistible hooks and rhythms. Are we about to enter a new age of great dance music, as a reaction to woeful EDM? One for my Manchester colleague/Techno Editor…

Three great bands, plus DJs – party music as imagined by the Quietus. Well done, people – here’s to the next five years.


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