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Mugstar: …Sun, Broken…

I don’t know about you but I’m in the mood for some Space Rock. And you’d be hard pressed to find any better proponents out there than Mugstar and their tremendous …Sun, Broken…

Opener ‘Technical Knowledge As A Weapon’ presents a mauling riff with an equally battering Jon Lord-esque Hammond Organ. ‘Ouroborus’ is part assault and part moody meditation, ending with a spectacular feedback finale that could easily equate to the sound of serpentine self-immolation. Last track ‘Furklausundbo’ jams out for a wonderfully broody, dramatic and hypnotically funky thirteen and a half minutes or so.

Yet, sandwiched between the unnerving harmonics of ‘Labrador Hatchet’ and the womb-like pulse of ‘She Ran Away With My Medicine’, it’s the throbbing and skilfully shifting wig-out of ‘Today Is The Wrong Shape’ that really hits the spot. After a few listens you realise the sentiment of the title is strikingly appropriate most (if not all) of the time and that howling along is strangely curative.

The Mr Cope of Wessex described this lot as managing “to distil/streamline all the best late Lemmy-period Hawkwind into a tougher and more speedfreaked out version of top flight La Dusseldorf”. Such a review is obviously more eloquent and accurate than this one, but should, if nothing else, have you purchasing …Sun, Broken… immediately – from here.

Today Is The Wrong Shape


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