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Whirling Hall of Knives: Devisions

WHOK devisions

Trensmat Records is rapidly becoming my label of the year. Having released GNOD in their Dwellings and Druss formation [review], they’ve now delivered one of the most stupendously intense albums of the last six months in the shape of Whirling Hall of Knive’s Devisions.

 This intensity is composed through God-forsaken dirty krautscuzz (‘Wraith/Donn Amokk’ and ‘9xReal’), sustained minimal rhythmic tones (‘Tapheslip’) and fearful buzzdrone (‘Immureme’). Conspicuous in its glow of brilliance is ‘Alternate Devil (Dvaita)’: a ritual melt of scorching and searing fuzz, oblivion pulverized drums and throbbing haze which sounds like the band seeking salvation through noise from eternal damnation. Final track ‘Lonclusion’ threatens to tear out innards and fry them with its fiery and burning electronics.

This is the sort of soul music that might actually deliver on its promise of deliverance and redemption. ‘Devisions’ is a singularly immersive and powerful experience.

The vinyl is sold out at Trensmat, but there’s plenty more WHOK to be had here.

‘Alternate Devil (Tamas)’:

Album sampler:

From their 2011 release Green Glow Bridge​/​Red Glow Bridge:

And from a 7” back in 2010:

Band Site.

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