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Sack of Streams #9

Front sheet

I’ve been so far from here. It’s good to feel you again.

It’s been a long long time.

Hasn’t it?


We reviewed the wonderful Fresh Snow back here. On hearing their new album one track stood apart from the title alone – ‘Don’t Fuck a Gift Horse in the Mouth’. On realising that the dulcet tones were those of Damian Abraham from Fucked Up the whole thing jumped to a new level of delight. A perfect motorik wig out with Abraham screaming “It melts away” and other angered insights. Astonishing. Last track on the excellent new album Won. Available here:

I think it fair to say we’re a little tired of post-rock as a genre (and even more so the ‘just because you know all the notes you don’t have to fucking play them’ sibling, math-rock) However, some bands know how to tweak the buttons of epic pleasure and Caspian are such. A propelled arp to start, a perfectly realised long build, a clattering heavy ending…sometimes you have to ask ‘what’s not to like?’ From their new album, Dust and Disquiet. Available here:

Despite having self-professed limited keyboard skills, Casiomtb has produced something with a beautiful simplicity on The Devil Take Your Stereo. Taking one old keyboard, playing one note at a time and chucking a load of effects at it might displease the musical purists, but such an approach is more than welcome round these parts. It’s an album of evolving and intriguing drones and oddly percussive refrains, with space to think and feel, and aids a drift away into the deep. It’s ace. Available here.

Another artist we’ve championed before in our completely regular Sack of Streams feature is Hanetration. Back with a new release entitled Waldsterben, he’s taken something of a departure in style as rhythms and beats are brought to the fore and the cerebral drone to the back. Innovation is here by the bucket load and the EP provides an atmosphere that is both captivating and pleasingly difficult to locate. Available here, for free!

Right. I’m off to extract the marrow from your backbone.

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