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Both Bars On is five years old today

The BBO team in Tokyo, 2005.

Believe it or not we started this blog five years ago today. Since then we have posted something once a week on average (honest, I checked),  and we have brought entertainment to literally dozens of people. We won an award, completely out of the blue. Our heroes have got in touch or linked to our site. We have been fortunate enough to meet lots of lovely people and bands through the site, and we get so much music sent to us that we can’t keep up with our emails. All in all we think we’re doing ok for a blog set up by two friends with more enthusiasm than free time, but obviously we can’t do it on our own. We’d like to thank bands, promoters, labels, pr people, fellow fans, and random passers-by, plus our long-suffering partners… but most of all thank YOU for stopping by here over the years.

Not-entirely-coincidentally, it’s also angrybonbon’s birthday today. He’s a bit older than the blog, but not much. He’s my best mate and a passionate music fan, though he does occasionally have cloth ears (or goth ears maybe), and I probably would have given up blogging if it hadn’t been for him. So thanks to him too. I think if we were having a birthday party he’d want to play this – it brings back so many memories of parties at 10b, with him flexing his bungalow legs and doing big fish-little fish-cardboard box gestures. Happy birthday!

Say hello or wish BBO or angrybonbon a happy birthday in the comments below, or like our facebook page here – and if we ever have a party, you’re all invited.


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