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AtletA: Verdad

AtletA, a duo from Barcelona, are witness to the fact that kraut-psyche is being reanimated worldwide. Ok, such grand statements make my skin itch and muscles twitch, but there’s definitely a network of sorts rediscovering and supplementing this sound. Perhaps we should settle on a kind of proto-movement and leave it there? Yes, I think that’s best.

Verdad is a relatively short, but being chocked full of loops, electronics and guitars modulated in a spaced out fashion it’s sweet and perfectly formed. Gilded and bejeweled synth harmonies greet us on opener ‘Eres el oceano’, and then we’re treated to guitars which alternate between the cascading, the woozy, and the all-out spanked on ‘Brazo Luminoso’. And on ‘Atenas’ the six strings are harmonised and given a wash of distance and momentum.

Throughout there’s a peculiar sense of euphoria to the album that aligns perfectly with the bandcamp tag line of AtletA’s record label Aloud Music Ltd: “Just an indie-rock record company, just that. Rock on, kids!”

Lovely. Buy it here. Minimum price is 3 of your finest Euros.

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