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Mugstar: Axis

Chaps and chapesses, Mugstar are very much back floating and crashing through space. And Axis might well prove to be their masterpiece.

Underpinned by an impenetrable defence of pounding drums, ‘Black Fountain’ immediately sets the thrust controls to the heart of the asteroid belt. ‘Hollow Ox’ has a Deep Purple hue and could almost be a paean to the recently lost Jon Lord. Composed around an aching sense of solitude such traces of melancholy further seethe through ‘Tangerina’. The loneliness of the Space Trucker perhaps?

The opening of ‘In Earth’ underlines the theme right up to the point whereby something switches and a sense of purposeful resolve begins to surface. ‘Axis Modulator’ deepens this determination and seems to attempt to do what its title suggests through a total hammering and those catatonic chants that comprise Mugstar’s vocals. ‘UpTurnSideDown’ and ‘Vehicles of Spain’ seem to be ritual appeasements to all that’s left by the modulation.

The album finishes with what sounds like a studio outtake declaring “I’ve got my mojo working”; with Axis it’s certain Mugstar have it working just fine. Let it work on you.

Axis is out 19th of November with an album launch on the 13th of November at London’s Lexington (with DJ John Doran…nice). It can be pre-ordered here.

Here’s ‘Black Fountain’ live in Paris:

And here they are covering t’Wind:

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