Frog: Judy Garland

Yellow Alernatice Judy Garland artworkSun’s out! Well it is here. And this ray of sunshine is brought to us by Frog, two guys from Queens, by Audio Antihero, one guy from South London. Starting quietly it builds into a lovely little pop song, with an upbeat chorus that deserves to be blaring out of a radio (and already is). It sounds great, sprinkled with yodelling (I think), banjo, xylophones (maybe) and god knows what else.

The Audio Antihero catalogue is packed full of little gems like this one. He really does have very good ears. This is a taster for the forthcoming second Frog album Kind of Blah, on the same label, which will definitely be worth a listen. Their first (Frog, Monkfish, 2013) was the kind of sleeper hit with discerning blogs that Nosferatu D2’s We’re Gonna Walk Around This City… was, and (crucially) Frog are still going, so here’s hoping the new one does as well as it deserves to.

The song’s a free/paywhatchalike download, and there are links to pre-order the album (vinyl/digital) here.



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