Adderall Canyonly: Beneath The Crystal Canyon A Spark Remains

Beneath the Crystal Canyon a Spark Remains

Anyone who has social media tags, “Only Dogs Can Hear the Clarinet Solo of Death”, “Face Palm Sunday” and “Playing a show near you, never” is going to pique our interest. And Adderall Canyonly does more than pique with his incredible Beneath The Crystal Canyon A Spark Remains .

A deep, deep pulse of analogue hits you within seconds of pressing play, and is soon accompanied by Mellotron choirs and radio commandments. Just over a minute later we’re in the realms of Goblin greeting Morricone on ‘We Walk The Streets of Flesh’; a track that freshens that hoary genre post-rock and takes it in sublime directions.

With its Berlin School transcendence, lift-off is achieved with the magnificent space dreams of ‘Beneath the Crystal Canyon’ (which, somehow, seems a fitting tribute to Edgar Froese). ‘Dramazeta Dei’ is fugged stoner-electronics with hints of Dead Sea Apes or Carlton Melton, and gives way to the Radiophonic lab-based modular burbling of ‘Left/Mono’.

The Gnod-esque fuzz throb of ‘Shadow System on High’ is fabulous, but there’s something wrong…it needs to be twenty minutes longer (minimum). The mesmerising peaks of ‘Dark, Slow Submission’ suffers from a similar fate – you’re just left wanting more. Yet finisher, ‘Fields Of Green, Smoke Ahead’ soothes and brings the album together gloriously.

Goblin, Berlin School, Stoner-psyche, Gnod, Radiophonic, and Modular? This is an amazing tour-de-force of everything that is good in music for me, right now. Let’s cut to the chase, it’s one of the best things I’ve heard this year. Out on a long since sold-out cassette through Moss Archive, luckily the wonders of Bandcamp allow you to buy it immediately.

‘We Walk The Streets of Flesh’:

‘Shadow System on High’:


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