Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures: Orange Juice


First must-buy single of the year. Stanley Brinks (who was André Herman Düne) and the Wave Pictures have teamed up again and there will be a new album (Gin) in March, but this song and the b-side won’t be on it. It’s a very cheery affair, a slightly ragged singalong about getting by when faced with rubbish things (weather, bad music on the radio, dogshit on the streets, the meaningless of life) “with a little bit of you, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, ephedrine and orange juice”. Sweet, very catchy and surely that’s the best list of psychoactive substances in song since ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’?

The flipside ‘Maybe I will See You Again’ is alright too. Well worth £2 for both, or there’s an orange vinyl 7″. You need some sunshine in January, treat yourselves.

Buy it from Fika Recordings here, or just stream it to death. And you can preorder the album Gin here though it won’t have this on it.



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