The Superman Revenge Squad Band: There Is Nothing More Frightening Than The Passing Of Time

tsrsbThere might be nothing more frightening than the passing of time, but it does have some advantages. In this case Ben Parker has had time to record several new Superman Revenge Squad songs, and return to a selection of older ones, with a full(ish) band. The SRS were always much more, musically, than Ben, his guitar, and a whirlwind of words – just listen to Martin Webb’s cello on ‘The Summer We Finally Cut Our Hair’, for example, from Dead Crow Blues. But the addition of a mix of saxophone, accordion, piano and cello gives these songs added depth. As do the drums, of course, because Adam Parker is there too. That, plus the fact that There… is released by Audio Antihero means that this is, in some sense, a bit like getting another Nosferatu D2 album.

If you’re not a regular BBO reader (ha) that might not mean that much, but Nosferatu D2 made one of the best albums of the last ten years (which we reviewed here). One of the reasons I love that album so much is the collision of Ben Parker’s smart, witty, self-conscious lyrics with brother Adam’s busy drumming, both often delivered at some pace. These songs now have that, and are equally good examples of Ben Parker’s songwriting and lyrical brilliance (he’s certainly the only singer-songwriter I’d trust to write about wrestling, or the Rocky films, or Flavor Flav). So  the passing of time has been good for something, at least.

This is perhaps the best example, though the drumming is quite restrained: ‘The Angriest Dog In The World’, sounding quite wonderful.

You can pre-order this lovely album, out 14th of October, from Audio Antihero here – digital (£3) or very limited CD (£4) – and if you need any more persuasion, here’s the new song ‘A Funny Thing You Said’, which is also a free download.

“How was that?” Parker asks, at the end of ‘Angriest Dog In The World.’ It was great, Ben. What’s next?


PS – you can stream the whole album at Bearded Magazine here.


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  1. Amazing stuff This guy has really grown on me over this month.
    Reminiscent of of Art Brut in places with better lyrics and some genuine confusion stroke pain, believable and evident in most of his songs.

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