Jon Hopkins: Immunity


Jon Hopkins is evidently a very talented chap and someone I’ve been meaning to investigate for some time given he keeps blipping across my radar. This, I’m almost ashamed to say, is my first proper foray into his world (apart from the obvious remixes). And my word what a fantastic sortie it has turned out to be.

Immunity is an album that is shaped and crafted from sounds-found rather than sounds-pre-packaged.  One imagines Mr. Hopkins sits in his studio carefully picking through boxes labelled ‘sounds of loose wiring and unreliable audio connections’ and another stickered ‘miscellaneous crunchy bits’. These parts are then sequenced with enough beautiful bass to shake your fillings and loosen any jewellery you might have about your person. This is particularly so on standout track ‘Open Eye Signal’ which absolutely begs reception from the writhing warmth of a bog-eyed crowd, most appropriately in a decommissioned power station.

On ‘Breathe This Air’ the tone becomes more suitably aerial with Hopkins managing to expertly resuscitate the too-often used ‘lonely-piano-in-empty-room aesthetic’. The crunching assault of ‘Collider’ counterpoints perfectly with the utter melancholia of ‘Abandon Window’ – a tune which only the heartlessly unemotional would find unmoving.

The brilliance of this album is found in its capacity to string you up in a web of emotional contradictions – of melancholia and joy, of despair and love, of isolation and the need for the warmth of your closest. Such sublime incongruity is something that makes the best music. [BUY]

‘Abandon Window’:

‘Open Eye Signal’:


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  1. Excellent. Does this mean you’re halfway to being a folkie? This was a great album. Nice texturrzz (hit me)

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