Sack of Streams #8

SoS 8 UrbEx (2)

This instalment is long overdue. Life (or more accurately its opposite for one of us) keeps getting in the way of BBO’s desire to share the music we enjoy and love. Yet let us not dwell on such things. Let us instead focus on the present and future.

Immediately contradicting that determination is the fact that most of these tunes have been around for a while. Does this matter? Well, one thing must be remembered: being the first to blog or ‘air’ something doesn’t make you a better person.

Music is not a race.

Anyway, let’s get on with it.

Haiku Salut are from Derbyshire and there’s something deliciously delicate and lovingly original about this glitch-accordion little tune ‘Glockelbar’ taken from their debut Tricolore album [BUY]:

From Winnipeg, Boats present us with a building skewed pop tune that hold all sorts of interests from its backing vocals to its big brass, and from its speeding keyboards to its bubbling weirdness. This strange take on indie pop can only be a result of the bastard Winnipeg cold (and having been there I know this). ‘Animated GIFS’ is from their A Fairway Full of Miners album [BUY]:

2_F are based in New York and that’s as much as I can find out about them. ‘Grandma Song’ is airy dub with cut-up South Asian samples that heralds a joyous summer if you let it. The other two tracks on their Soundcloud are worth your ear space as well:

AK/DK are fashioned from analog-8-bits of pop-punk and are from Brighton. They sit somewhere on the barely recognised continuum of Devo/Add N to X/Polysics. This, of course, is a very good thing [BUY]

And finally, UrbanExploration are part of a collective from Leeds that go beyond just music. Collectives are good things (cf GNOD) being composed of interesting parts that take them in all sorts of artistic directions, including soundtracks to hidden, underground or forgotten spaces:

So there you go. Let’s not leave it so long next time, eh?


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