The Blog Sound of 2013: the longlist and BBO’s vote


It’s The Blog Sound Poll time again, the poll of key music tastemakers, and us, that was set up as an alternative to the annual ‘BBC Sound of’ exercise, providing another chance to say who might be big next year [go here for our story on last year’s list]. Organised by Robin Seamer and Andy Von Pip of Breaking More Waves and the Von Pip Express blogs, it involved 49 blogs [listed below] each picking 5 bands. As you might suspect this generated lots of different suggestions, but there is a longlist, and there is a winner – tipped by a quarter of the blogs consulted. You’ll have to wait for the New Year for that.

But for now, here’s the longlist of 15:

AlunaGeorge / Curxes / Chvrches / Daughter / Haim / Laura Mvula / MØ / Palma Violets / Pins / Randolph’s Leap / Rhye / Savages / Seasfire / The Neighbourhood / Tom Odell

The top 5 will be announced in the New Year – will any of ours be in it? Well, no, ours are below. We didn’t even make the top 15 – organisers, I don’t think we’re giving anything away here – which either makes us the alternative to the alternative to the BBC, or a couple of cloth-eared gets. We went for (in no particular order):

Kult Country, ‘Source (Code for Thought)’:

Base Ventura. ‘Side of the Street’:

Tribal Fighters, ‘Tree Fiddy’:

Peggy Sue, ‘He’s A Rebel’:

And Beak> (who angrybonbon tipped at the end of 2009!), ‘Wulfstan II’:

The 49 blogs who voted in the poll are:

A New Band A Day, A Pocket Full Of Seeds, All Noise, Alphabet Bands, Both Bars On, Brapscallions, Breaking More Waves, Brighton Music Blog, Details Of My Life So Far, Don’t Watch Me Dancing, Dots And Dashes, Drunken Werewolf, Eaten By Monsters, Electronic Rumors, Faded Glamour, Folly Of Youth, Flying With Anna, God Is In The TV, Harder Blogger Faster, Howl, In Love Not Limbo, Just Music That I Like, Killing Moon, Kowalskiy, Love Music : Love Life, Mudkiss, Music Broke My Bones, Music Fans Mic, Music Liberation, Music Like Dirt, My Bands Better Than Your Band, Not Many Experts, Peenko, Real Horrorshow, Scottish Fiction, Skeletory, Song By Toad, Sounds Good To Me Too, Storm’s Brewing, Sweeping The Nation, The Blue Walrus, The Electricity Club, The Mad Mackerel, The Metaphorical Boat, The Music Hoarder, The Recommender, This Must Be Pop, Von Pip Musical Express, 17 Seconds

Go and have a read – they’re all great blogs – and come back in January for the results!

jkneale and angrybonbon


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  1. I just can’t see the relevance of a Blog Sound OF 2013, a supposed antidote to the BBC list, when this one is about as shit as the Beeb’s. If anyone out there would care to start an Alternative Blog Sounds of 2013 list with me, please get in touch. This list is just full of bland bands that have mostly got on the list because they have money behind them, which makes me wonder about the credibility of the people that designed the list….I mean Haim, for fuck’s sake. Why don’t we all just buy some belinda Carlisle?

    richgilb1969 at

    • Hi Rich – well, it’s horses for courses for things like this… I think you’re right in that the two lists are disagreeing about the same thing, ie what is going to be commercially successful next year, when many other blogs are just picking things they love that haven’t a hope in hell of going anywhere (though if the world was a better place all of these 5 would be massive). An alternative list might have no overlap whatsoever, though that’s still interesting. We’d be happy to take part if you set something up… unless you don’t like the 5 we did pick 🙂

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