Sack of Streams #7: For Hallowe’en

To quote me colleague “Must be a lot of war memorials missing their goths tonight.”

And so we give you a series of tunes that can soundtrack an ungothed war memorial. A series of tunes that have the potential to dissipate the smell of cider and worn-in patchouli and disrupt adolescent fumblings behind gravestones.

First up is Oscillitron’s Eclipse, an analog trip of Carpenter-Goblin horrorscapes produced by David Johansson of Swedish doom-sludge metal types Kongh. The whole album amounts to an extraordinary SF-horror score upon which you can draw and carve your own nightmares [out on 2nd of November. Pre-order/details]

Next, FINAL’s Burning Bridges Will Light Your Way. FINAL is/are one of Justin K Broadrick’s – he of Godflesh fame – many aliases and projects. Due to the sheer pummeling horror, my only interaction with Godflesh in the live arena (sometime in the early 90s) seemed to have been successfully repressed over many years, but this outing of chilling atmospherics and dark ambience is enough to see these memories erupt with uncanny abandon [buy/details]:

Umberto, a true modern hero and master of the horror synth, is a big favourite round these parts. His new album, Night Has A Thousand Screams, is out this week (and may get a review here at some point), but this ten minutes of floating screamatronica will send the shivers down the right places until the former has been absorbed [buy/details]:

And then there’s Nick Lyons’ Songs of the Asylum composed of multiple reversals of sounds and voices that never quite cohere into anything tangible, but still circle round you in their less than material presence. The fact that these near-presences swirl through an abandoned asylum only adds to the unnerving feel of this cinematic outing [buy/details]:  

And finally The Eye of Time’s S/T: an album so bloody dark, foreboding and menacing in its affect I’ve managed one full listen since I bought it months ago. I might try again today given the portent of the date [buy/details]:

HANG ON! This has been all a bit too tasteful and serious for a Hallowe’en post. It has become traditional to post some dodgy goth to tempt those poor souls back to their war memorials. So it doesn’t get any dodgier than this (from one of the few albums I’ve ever sold). Enjoy:

And remember…he who fears death cannot enjoy life.


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  1. Heyyy – exactly when did it become traditional to post dodgy goth, hmmmmm? 😉

  2. Last couple of years. It’s a recent invented tradition. Our Morris Men.

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