Eat Lights Become Lights: Heavy Electrics

Such is the culturally encoded association of technology with the city that it seems impossible to listen to Heavy Electrics whilst thinking about the countryside; smocks, discussions of crop rotation, unfettered organic ears of wheat, five-bar gates, maids cycling to evensong, warm cider…all of these are but a distant echo to the landscapes imagined here. If you insist on thinking the rural here it can only be one scythed and gashed by machinery: opener ‘Bound for Magic Mountain’ is the sound of a high speed train link trashing the bucolic dreams of the rural gentrifiers and their sickening desires for stasis.

Delve deeper and something of the natural is revealed – the sunrise and sunset glints and hazes of ‘Syd-Mead Cityscape’ and ‘Terminus IV’ chart the transition of natural to artificial light and back again. Yet this disclosure is still mediated by an imposing sense of the concrete, steel and tarmac, underscored by the hectic, stressful and crowded, all of which are transformed here from a bind to a buzzing and shimmering pleasure.

If ‘nu-Kraut’ (we’re trying that out for a second time, but it’ll never catch on) or their self-penned label ‘Krautronica’ is something (anything) of a genre then Eat Lights, Become Lights are the motor of its expansion, progress and envisioning. Great stuff. Buy here.


If you want Heavy Electrics on tri-coloured vinyl – which would make a pretty spectacle on the turntable and much more exciting than not seeing a CD whirring like my version – then there are only 30 copies left, so act sharp! Available from the band themselves: £10.00 + £5 postage UK/EU £7.50 rest of the world. Paypal –

‘Bound for Magic Mountain’:


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  1. Brilliant. But what is it with krautrock and transport metaphors?

  2. Just bought Autopia. Not keen on buying a CD….

  3. Like this, particularly Bound for Magic Mountain, with the simple yet ver’ effective vis_u_als. I’m a bit behind with the BBO posts as you know, but am doing my homework now. : )

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