Fairhorns: Doki Doki Run

Fairhorns is Bristol’s Matt Loveridge who has appeared here before as a member of Beak>. Doki Doki Run is Fairhorns’ debut album and it’s a brilliant lesson in sleazy, splintered and crushed drone-pop – which, you’ll agree, the world needs more of.

Opener ‘Ragnarok’ begins with a minimalist electro pulse, introduces distanced and distracted vocals, and gives way to a motorik shimmer with noise and keys. Edging on the disorientating, ‘Doki! Doki! You’re Fucking Dead’ adds further haze to the pulse and the drone. ‘Worried Thrumm’ is clearly an album standout with an implicit gentleness despite the interludes of hammering rhythm and its finale where someone – probably Loveridge – looses control of the limiter. ‘Puking’ and ‘Qiyamat for Onion Knights’ (no idea) are almost Frankenstein disco with chords and becoming-sentient samples ripping through the ‘songs’ they’re imprisoned by. ‘Hectocotylus’ barely calms the storm before the crashing waves of doomed chords and mutated organs compose and unleash the marvellous ‘In Water’ with its almost gabba paced ending.

Links and streams are hard to come by at the moment, but the track below whilst not from the album will give you a sense of the Fairhorns’ leftfield manoeuvres. Doki Doki Run is out on the 29th October on Invada Records (and no doubt can be pre-ordered there soon).


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