There are lots of men with beards at End of The Road, but very few in Audio Antihero t-shirts. Despite this rarity, or because of it, they bring people together. When you meet someone else wearing one – like Matt White, he’s the one on the left –  you have an overwhelming compunction to greet them like an old friend, talk about your love of the Nosferatu D2 album and Benjamin Shaw, and make your girlfriends take photos of you grinning like loons.

We even thought we’d send a signal to Jamie Halliday, boss of this most fascinating of labels, though it’s not all that easy to see what we’re doing:

If you want to experience the power of Audio Antihero in your life, you can find the site here. I think this particular t-shirt is sold out, but there are a lot of very fine bands on the label and you should buy some of their music. Here’s a lovely little film of AAH star Benjamin Shaw entertaining the people of Hackney with ‘How To Test The Depth of a Well’, for example:

More Audio Antihero magic for you very soon…

jkneale – photos courtesy of Matt White


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BothBarsOn's London correspondent.

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