Euros Childs: Summer Special

Is this the best cover of any album released so far this year? I think it might be. You can almost smell the chlorine.

Summer Special, Euros Child’s new album on his National Elf label,was apparently ‘made under the influence of Gilbert O’Sullivan’ and it is a joyous thing, light and airy. Single ‘That’s Better’ is another of Euros’ perfect pop songs, with the band supplying the requisite harmonies, and it’s followed by another one, the slightly more wistful ‘I’m Seeing Her Tonight’… and shortly after that we get ‘Clap A Chan’ which is so infuriatingly catchy that I think I might have learned the words even though it’s in Welsh. The list goes on, twelve neat little songs, some chirpy, some sad – opener ‘Be Be High’ goes from one to the other so neatly you can barely see the join. And though it might all look and sound a bit twee, this is a very wistful set of songs. I’ve said this before, but it’s really hard to make songs that sound this simple; the best pop songs are odd as well as comfortingly familiar. And that’s Euros’ songs to a tee.

Euros Childs – ‘That’s Better’

The sleeve for this single (also by Kirsten McTernan) is also brilliant – continuing the summer fun theme. I’d like to see Euros do a concept album based on all the other things you couldn’t do at the swimming pool – ducking, splashing, etc.

Rather bravely, Euros’ website operates entirely on a pay-what-you-like basis, though the CDs are also available in the shops… But if you want to buy the digital version go and pay him some money on his site here, he’ll make more that way. And I’m convinced playing this is keeping the sun out. What more do you want?



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