End Of The Road 2012, Saturday – TOY

TOY provided a much-needed blast of excitement in the Big Top on the Saturday – the Laurel Canyon/Dream Pop found elsewhere at EOTR can be a bit samey after a while, and my morale was sapped by the appearance of crowds of chair-sitting locals who cluttered up the place while moaning about how they didn’t like the music. Not too many of those down the front for TOY though, I think they were blasted back to the edges of the tent by the enormous wall of sound.

This is the second time I’d seen the band, and they were far more impressive than they seemed supporting British Sea Power in Manchester – maybe it was the better sound, or maybe they were just more intent on making a statement the week before the release of their debut album, but from a distance of about twelve feet they were earth-shakingly loud, completely wrapped up in the noise they were making, and impressively accomplished.

The challenge with making this kind of music is to keep it from becoming one-dimensional – no one wants to go back to Birdland, do they? – and while this isn’t such a problem live, TOY do need light and shade in amongst the racket and the motorik grooves. And they have it, courtesy of the keyboards but also changes of pace and intensity. I reeled away at the end with a big grin on my face and my ears ringing.

Here’s one of the tracks that got them noticed in the first place, one of the highlights of the live show.

The band site is here. Review of the album coming shortly!

Beer notes: The all-conquering Funky Monkey proved the perfect accompaniment, from the Frome Milk Street Brewery. Lovely.


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