Deerhoof: Breakup Song

Deerhoof seem to have called their new record Breakup Song purely so they could take a cheap shot at Bon Iver in the press materials, which is fine with us. If this is a breakup album, then it clearly wasn’t much of a relationship – this is a blast from start to finish. It’s definitely Deerhoof but with a slightly different mix of beats and ingredients; listen to the horns and latin rhythms on ‘The Trouble with Candyhands’, for example:

The first three songs – ‘Breakup Songs’, ‘There’s That Grin’ and ‘Bad Kids to the Front’ are proper pop, with extra fuzz/clattering/jerkiness. ‘Flower’ is a lovely woozy snippet, sounding something like Black Moth Super Rainbow; another version of it appears, without the beats, as a cheesy pop interlude folded into ‘Candyhands’. ‘To Fly or Not to Fly’ plays the same trick, the almost-nonsense lyrics sandwiched between great dirty slabs of distorted guitar and epic keys. The album ends with the rather lovely ‘Fête d’Adieu’, which makes you think that this might be a post-breakup record after all, as Satomi Matsuzaki sings “Ready to be tough as a robot on the dancefloor/A muscle in the heart”.

One of the other tracks on this album is called ‘We Do Parties’ and this is a Deerhoof party record. If you have just split up with someone, put this on loud, throw yourself about, and get ready to be tough as a robot on the dancefloor.

Breakup Song is out on Polyvinyl Records on the 4th September.


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