Egyptology: The Skies

During the first of the five part Orbis symphony – for there is no other word – on Egyptology’s The Skies the lines “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion” will keep ricocheting round your consciousness. These echoes speak to the qualifications and antecedents of this album. Yet, this is only one story that you could tell of this electronic-analogue tour de force.

Another: Egyptology have made the soundtrack of the ancient astronaut hypotheses sufficient in its extraterrestrial scope to allow for imaginative journeys with aliens to the deserts of Giza. The geometric shapes etched by its sawed and square waved synths, and its many arpeggiators, allow for multiple and playful interpretations of landscapes and archaeological artefacts. Perhaps its cumulative sonic energies will be enough to restart Däniken’s Swiss Mystery Park? Who knows?

Jarre. Annunaki. Khufu. Tears in Rain? Time to buy.

The Skies:

The Skies (Yeti Lane Remix):

Orbis, Part 3: Terraforming (Live):


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