White Manna: White Manna

By being welcomed in by a low hum of feedback that segues into an expansive guitar riff, some will no doubt lend only but a brief ear to this opening segment and immediately think this album too derivative of the fuzz-pysche-space-rock genre (à la Wooden Shjips, White Hills, et al). As such, they will think it does little to enlighten us further to the power such formations. For these poor souls, let us gather round our speakers and meditate on their loss: this album has much more packed into its sonic arsenal than you initially might expect.

Principally, what differentiates White Manna to others before them is the power of a tune. Yes, the swirled riffs and layers of guitars are vociferous in their attempt to generate fractal head spaces and to edify the consciousness to higher states. Yes, the vocals are sodden with the ‘massive-fucking-hall’ setting of a reverb unit. And yes, there’s the almost requisite section of pure Hawkwind space-rock drift at the start of ‘Don’t Gun Us Down’. But after allowing this album into your home, and lethargically swaying back and forth in time to its rhythms in the illumination of a lava lamp or two, you begin to realise you’re also humming, nay singing, along – especially with ‘Don’t Gun Us Down’ and finisher ‘Sweet Jesus’ where an involuntary sing-along of “Mr. Mojo Risin’, Mr. Mojo Risin’” occurs around the 4:30 mark.

All of this has you coming back for more. Definitely recommended, so buy it here.

‘Acid Head’:

‘Keep Your Lantern Burning’:


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