Shit and Shine: Le Grand Larance Prix

So the first tune on this album is called ‘Flirtations at a Cocktail Party’ is it? Right, so it’s bound to be all lounge-sleaze and seductive melodies then? Oh, so it’s precisely ten minutes long and is made up of the sound of accelerating motorbikes, robotic voices, and a part hissing/part distorted and pummelling drum machine? Ok, it sounds like Suicide playing the arcades on a burning and collapsing pier? Fine. That’s me standing corrected.

Confusion and expectations confounded are the hallmark of experimental Kraut-drone-noise duo Shit and Shine. And, of course, this is what makes Le Grand Larance Prix so bloody excellent.

‘Frankie’s Theme’ is a plodding but pleasing electronic oompah with dub-ish echoes and hazy synths floating in and through it. Akin to a bonged out and deeply paranoid Daft Punk, ‘Switiching to Nite Mode’ is fucked-up extraterrestrial disco of the highest order. It shifts roughly half way through to a sordid and indolent hip-hop dripping with unnameable ooze that is occasionally wiped up by a cleansing pad or two.

‘Frenchy’s Automotive’ is a like a de-tuned then re-tuned Harmonia, with a groove that gets mangled beyond recognition towards the end of its sixteen minutes. ‘How to Rattle a White Tailed Buck’ could be the sound of upsetting a young deer or goat, but if they give off the static that sears through the track when this is attempted I certainly won’t be out to rile such beasts in the near future. And finally ‘Klipp’, the shortest on the album at a mere 9:31, is deconstructed and ambiguous motorik scored with improv sounds and sounds of improv.

Serving up a six course menu of freaked and weird shit, and delivering a severe buffing of the intellect, emotions and senses, Le Grand Larance Prix is going to be like nothing else you hear this year. Limited to 250 copies on CD you can get it here and here.

Switching to Nite Mode:



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