Easter: Innocence Man

You might not believe me, but I’m constantly on the search for a band with guitars that I can fall in love with. Save those employ the six strings to enact a whirling eddy of psyche or to startle you with the always pleasing loud/quiet formula, the rest seem to be Lord Fops of Whimsy or Cock Grabbing Fuckwits. Thankfully, Easter come nowhere near either of these categories. Their debut Innocence Man is simply stunning.

One of the genuinely exciting things about this album is how the guitars are held in that stupefying tension between order and disorder, control and chaos. So half way through ‘Pages’ they threaten to fall apart, whilst on ‘Begin Again’ they are dictated into a sad lilt. And again on ‘Never Me’ they sweep and groan apart and then come together in harmony, before losing their footing along with the drums into a chaotic dénouement. Singer Thomas Long’s brooding baritone is similarly composed of two apparent opposites – somehow he manages to sound foreboding and menacing, yet equally tender and fragile.

If you’ve lost it of late, this is the sort of album that puts your faith back into guitar music. And when Long sings “you haven’t seen the best of me” on ‘Pages’ you just know this promissory note will be held to with future efforts.

Buy it here or here. On Friday 22nd June it’s their album launch at the Kraak Gallery in Manc. Only £5 on the door.

Damp Patch:

Somethin’ American:


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