Sack of Streams #5

Right, here’s the plan: take all your jumpers, fleeces, woolly hats and the like and place them in a circle in which you stand wearing your best speedos or bikini. Next shout ‘You are not part of my life for 3 months’ at your nearest radiator or fire. Then listen to the following blast of instrumental joy and wonder from The Voodoo Trombone Quartet (released on Download/limited 7”/CD, on July 30th, on Braces Tower Recordings). This will bring in summer. Repeat and soak up the Vitamin D. In future years the whole process will become known as ‘The Great Both Bars On Working of 2012’:

Obviously this will work. But just in case we need a tune with a more direct reference to the life giving orb that has been so obscured this apparent ‘summer season’ then try this slice of growling garage and brooding blues from DC/Virginia Beach based duo Blankus Larry entitled ‘Fall Forever Intha Sun’ (from their upcoming debut LP Hell or High Larry):

If, by this time, this working is getting too much for you there’s always the option to flip your wig and gorge on something brief but oh so very sweet. Such sugar rushes are two-a-penny these days, but this from Stagnant Pool stands apart from the competition and should do the trick (from their debut album out August 7th):

Of course you could also take solace in the darkness, studiously avoiding anything brighter than the 15 watt bulb that illuminates your living room. Zulu’s ‘Bloody and Rare’ would be an apt soundtrack to this course of action – bat cave, psychobilly, b-movie punk-trash-pop that it is (download the whole EP for free here):

If rituals fail there’s always imagined elsewheres. And the sublime turntablism of Slowpitch will take you there. His free EP out on Bah Doom Recordings (here) is the sound of cognitive processes melting into dissonance and biorhythms becoming transformed:

And finally there’s always the hauntological to transport you to that other place. Georges Vert’s ‘An Electric Mind’ (taken from his upcoming album on Café Kaput, released 25th June) summons up possible histories and memories of when every summer was as blistering as Mars and we were all promised teleportation:

…and reach for the sun…


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  1. This sack is the bulgingest yet and it seems to have made the rain come down even harder. Good stuff, especially the Georges Vert

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