fIREHOSE: Reunion, Anthology

Not only have fIREHOSE reformed for Coachella and elsewhere but there appears to be a compilation of the Columbia stuff on its way. This is a good thing, because while the SST albums were probably better on the whole, all fIREHOSE is good fIREHOSE. And besides that it will include the Live Totem Pole EP, which is not only hard to find but contains great covers of songs by Public Enemy, the Butthole Surfers, Wire, etc.

Given that fIREHOSE is essentially the best bass ‘n’ drums in the world – the sainted Mike Watt and the astonishing George Hurley – plus the very enthusiastic Edward (or ed fROMOHIO), and that this is a band that took over where the Minutemen were forced to leave off, this is very good news indeed. If you’ve never heard of them, this was the kind of music that happened at the same time as grunge, but had all the ideas and none of the droning rock dullness. They should have been enormous. I blame Steve Lamacq, then an NME hack, who rubbished them in favour of the Pale Saints, their support… I was at that gig too, and the latter were bloody terrible shoegazing fops. And we still had to put up with Nickelback. Thanks, Steve.

Here’s something from the later albums, plus a cracker from the first, stellar, album.

fIREHOSE – Down With The Bass

fIREHOSE – Brave Captain

And my god this Superchunk cover from Live Totem Pole is something else. “It’s about working for an asshole.”

The Columbia collection, lowFLOWS: the Columbia Anthology (’91-’93), is available on Amazon on download and CD (in the US, anyway). The SST albums are all available here and there.



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  1. You should do a top five of Pacamacq heinous errors. Pale fucking Saints over this?


  2. Ha ha – might be a very long list. I also have a very long memory…

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