White Hills: Frying On This Rock

White Hills’ new album is a more aggressive beast than the last one, H-p1, reviewed here, which ended up being our second-favourite record released last year. There are still open, blissed-out electronic stretches, but they’re in the middle of songs like ‘Pads of Light’, bookended by enormous slabs of noise, or strung together by the insistent tattoo of drums on ‘I Write A Thousand Letters (Pulp On Bone)’. In other words there’s nothing quite like ‘A Need To Know’ or ‘Hand In Hand’, but that’s fine.

What Frying On This Rock has is pounding guitars/bass/drums, with washes of electronic sound and suitably fried vocals. If anything it’s even more unhinged than H-p1. The aptly-named ‘Robot Stomp’ is a good example: one note, more-or-less, repeated for nearly twelve minutes, locked in a lurching metallic groove that turns into a full-on wig-out. I was lucky enough to see White Hills play at the Lexington and this was the one that had the faithful going head-banging crazy down the front. I have to say I have not been deafened like that for years – astonishingly loud.

In contrast ‘Song of Everything’ sounds like pop music – admittedly pop music made by Lemmy-era Hawkwind (which is a good thing). See what you think.

White Hills – ‘Song Of Everything’

White Hills are a force of nature – a pretty messed-up nature, but equally hard to argue with – and they appear to be very much in their stride right now. Go out and buy this. Available from all good retailers , and probably some pretty lousy ones too.


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  1. ‘Robot Stomp’ did weird semi-mystical things to me whilst walking to work. Others have decried this album as rushed and lacking thought. Utter bollocks.

  2. It does sound live – like an album recorded by a band who’ve been on the road for years – but then they make most sense as a live band. These new songs certainly do.

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