Titus Andronicus: Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape with the Flood of Detritus

Everyone knows this is out, but my co-blogger isn’t a fan so I’ve snuck it in while he’s away (I did say he sometimes has cloth ears). Anyway, everyone knows Titus Andronicus have posted a mixtape for free download – over an hour of music, often live, with lots of covers, many by bands who are clearly inspirations to the band. So there’s a good version of the Replacements’ ‘Treatment Bound’, the closest that glorious band of drunks and losers ever came to a manifesto. It’s not quite as ragged as the original but hell there’ll never be another band as ragged as the Replacements. Still, it’s a great cover and it shows excellent taste. Titus Andronicus are, I think, our finest stumbling songsmiths, and I’m bloody glad they’re here.

Download the mixtape here. And listen to the very fine ‘Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape with the Flood of Detritus’, which will also be released on a split 7″ with Diarrhea Planet.


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  1. Wooooah! Hang on! I never said I didn’t like them. In fact the album I have by them (not to hand, memory gone) I’ve listened to quite a lot. Yeah. This is good too.

    And that’s a lovely beard as well.

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