Sack of Streams #4

You know the score and you’ve heard all our moaning about not having enough time to keep this publication as updated as we would like, so let’s cut right to the chase shall we?

First up, some skewed and morphing analogue action from the wonderfully named Giant Claw. Out on Wool Recordings as limited edition 12” you can get ‘Haunted Planet I-II’ here from 30th of March.

Drone is as drone does. Well that’s what we’ve started thinking until we heard Hanetration who moves the field on with subtly and without fanfare. With a free EP called Tenth Oar here, this is a sound that can alter head spaces, local spaces and spaces far beyond. ‘Rufus’ the track below ushers in strange visions of Highland crafts and the nights drawing in.

Taken from their incoming album A Monument (out 7th May 2012), Tu Fawning’s ‘Bones’ builds from (arguably literally) skeletal beats and guitar swipes, through threatening chords, to something with an enviable groove. Introduce striking harmonies and you’ve got a beauty of a track:

Tagging themselves as ‘Cinematic PoP’, Safe Barracks are a melt of less-mathy Three Trapped Tigers and howling hooks and vocals. Rhythms are constructed from all sorts and there’s enough peril and explosiveness in the samples and composition to keep you on the edge of your seat like the best action-movie. Free download here.

And finally, whilst we’re talking movies, a video and a track that made us smile from Portasound. Is there a better way to enhance your pumping synth-led rocker, all Carpenter-esque in its distant past, than to use Terminator 2 battle scenes as the visual accompaniment? We’re thinking possibly not. You might do, but you’re probably wrong. You can pre-order their debut EP here.


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