Mouse on Mars: Parastrophics

Oh hello Mouse on Mars. We haven’t been in contact for a while have we? How are you? Sounding good it seems.

If Monolake (our last venture into the wonderful world of the electronic) represents an exercise in the minimal, then Mouse on Mars represent a vibrant trade in the maximal; this is an album with channels chocked full of squelches, samples and sounds all jumbled and juxtaposed for the utmost gratification.

Mouse on Mars have always had something peculiarly trademark about their sound and Parastrophics is instantly recognisable in that regard. Yet here they seem to be the new progenitors of a whole host of idiosyncratic genres – from twisted Pop to FX’d funk, retro-warbled Rn’B to galaxian disco, Martian Rave to bastardised Bass.

Parastrophics is kaleidoscopic (oops, cliché), occasionally absurd to the point of losing its direction, but always bloody good fun (cf. ‘Seaqz’). Buy it here.


Gearknot Cherry:

Album Preview:


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  1. I’ll say it again – this is positively Radio 1 for you 🙂

  2. Great blog here, great posts. Your blog is in my link list. Could you link my in your blog?
    Thanks for all, see you soon

  3. It is done Double Avenue. Thanks for adding us too.

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