Monolake: Ghosts

Those with a desire for something with a donk on it (or even beside it) should click away now.

This is an album of abstract breaks and crepuscular atmospherics, and has all the organicism of Stanlow Refinery. The only sense of lush spring-like naturalism comes from the noise of turbulent water (no doubt shrouded in mist).

Given the album’s title there’s an overriding sense of the supernatural throughout. This is mainly generated by reverb and delay units working overtime. Now I know we’ve covered spooky and spectral sonics before on this blog, but the mid-section tracks here of ‘Phenomenon’ and ‘Unstable Matter’ actually achieved a genuine moment of eldritchian horror in my kitchen the other night. The details are not important, but it did. I was only exorcised by the wonderfully clipped dn’b of ‘Lilith’.

Whilst these tracks amount to ghosts stories for machines and robots they’re not without the funk – involuntary butt wiggles become additional moments of embodied release when it seems the phantasmal sounds are going to consume your psyche. And a noise reduced in-ear listen reveals something fantastically intimate and sensuous.

Just please don’t make me listen to that mid-section on my own late at night. With an owl. Please.

Buy it here.


A preview of the whole album:


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