Sack of Streams #3

Snot, booze, PRESENTS, snot, booze, snot, booze, hacking cough, booze – pretty sums up Xmas for both of us. Still, happy new year to all and sundry. Here’s some tunes that might just lift that early January doom.

Mike Watt has joined up with Yuko Araki and Hirotaka Shimizu to put music to 63 Richard Meltzer spoken word pieces – or spiels, as Watt calls ’em, making the project spielgusher. The album’s out 17th January from Clenched Wrench, you can read more about it here, and you should buy it because Watt is a genius and Mr Meltzer may well have invented the metal umlaut (for Blue Öyster Cult). This track is hilarious but NSFW!

This track by Bear Driver sounds like something you’ve heard before a thousand times, but the melody is so strong and the guitar line so damned earworm that it would take stronger men than us to resist its charms [website]

Boogie Monster are a noise-mongering duo from Vancouver possessing all the necessary skills to sear your face off with their torrent of fuzz and distortion. And they’d do so with a smile and grin what with their penchant for an uplifting melody here and there amongst the beautiful sludge.  This track ‘Bullfrog’ hints at this, but the album Zechimechi is a splendid mix of Lightning Bolt meets Fang Island:

Clearly, Chicago based Fotosputnik are cut from a similar cloth to Cave and Eat Lights, Become Lights with this slice of psyche-motorik. With a gratifying hesitancy to the guitar lead and a threatening undertow, ‘Turnpike (Death Valley Driver)’ tightens the haunches for much needed escape [website]:

And finally the seemingly apocalyptic and eschatological warnings of the voice on Another Neglected Hobby’s ‘Listen Up’ seem particularly apt given 2012 has just dawned. Marching beats and frosty sweeps of drone accompany to make something very special [Soundcloud]:

Until the (end or) next time(s)…


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