Gruff Rhys: Atheist Xmas EP

Enjoying Xmas too much already? Yeah right. What about the xmas we don’t get to hear about, the real xmas? The family arguments, devastating loneliness, and the sheer futility of it all? Thank the meaningless universe, then, for Gruff Rhys, who is clearly counting the days until Winterval is over. Gruff’s new EP rounds off a great year, and he’s clearly not fussed about missing out on a Both Bars On top ten slot for Hotel Shampoo.

‘Post Apocalypse Christmas’ is exactly the Cormac-McCarthy-sings-xmas song it sounds like, rhyming “concrete bunker, post apocalypse bunker” with “We lick our wounds to kill the hunger” (nice work sir). ‘At The End of the Line’ is Gruff talking to his Dad, and then we hit bottom with ‘Slashed Wrists This Christmas’, which really is a proper xmas song, naming the real cause of seasonal misery: “Light entertainment leads us to slashed wrists at Christmas”.

The easily offended have filled a small corner of the internet with despair and grumpiness, mainly at the combination of the words ‘atheist’ and ‘xmas’, but I think Gruff’s having his brandy-soaked cake and eating it. Xmas can be pretty miserable, he seems to be saying, but why not spread that message through the traditional xmas song format? Anyway. Merry xmas, but be careful out there. And buy the EP – digital only by now, I’m afraid, but for £1.99 it’s still a very good present for yourself.

Gruff Rhys – ‘Post Apocalypse Christmas’



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