Sack of Streams #1

In a vain, desperate and over-ambitious attempt to keep up with the oodles of music we get sent and peruse over various wires, we give you Sack of Streams.

The idea is four or five tracks with pithy and un-read descriptions for your aural please, whenever we get chance. Some of the first of these will be tunes from ancient times like October 2011, but if we catch up with our mail sack we might just hit that pop pulse…at which point we’ll give up.

Undoubtedly this will be a frustratingly irregular and quite possibly short-lived venture, but amongst the torrent of utter drivel we listen to or get thrown at us there are some gems. In no way does this constitute a change in our guiding philosophy; we just want to be a bit more respectful of the hard work others put in to create and promote music. And, of course, now that we’re über-taste-makers we thought we’d better make an effort.

Yeti Lane: Analog Wheel

So first up is this lovely swirling slice of  shoegazing action from Parisian duo Yeti Lane’s second album out March 5, 2012 on Sonic Cathedral Records:

Shadow Attack: After Dark

Next is Shadow Attack’s ‘After Dark’ on Deepblip Records which combines the sheen of something like Rustie and a whole host of other post-dubstep-future-bass malarky. Whole album Aqua Dipped available here.

Jaws that Bite: Everythingsick

And also on Deepblip is this manic glitch fest taken from Jaws That Bite’s brilliantly entitled album Meathooks & Food Porn (Purchase):

Beat Culture: Midori

Band Panda Records were almost the subject of a whole post here a while back, but sadly not. They release something free and downloadable every week and most are top quality. This from Beat Culture (aka Sunik Kim, a seventeen year-old Korean residing in Hong Kong) is absolutely stunning; a late night electronic soulful glistening beauty:

Blacklisters: I Can Confirm

And finally for a complete change of pace, we give you the post-hardcore lurching and utter fury of Leeds’ Blacklisters. With their full length debut album out in the new year (we’ve heard it; it’s great), this lot on Brew records spit bile like its fashionable or something:



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  1. Your ears are our duty and calling.

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