The Blog Sound Of 2012

There’s probably nothing that divides and angers music lovers more than a list. So on the day the BBC announces the long list of its ‘Sounds of 2012’ it seems the music twitterati are already up in arms about who’s in and out. What better way then to quell the collective fever than to get a load of blogs to produce a list of what they consider should be ‘big’ in 2012?

It was nice to be asked, but given our USP and general tardiness we’re still slightly bemused why we were solicited to contribute to the ‘Blog Sound Of 2012’. And this is further reflected in that the long list decided upon included none of our shortlist of 5.

Anyway, here’s the blogger’s list:

1. Houdini Dax, 2. Lianne De Haves, 3. Theme Park, 4. French Wives, 5. The Good Natured, 6. Alt J, 7. The Jezabels, 8. Lucy Rose, 9. Bastille, 10. Washington, 11. Friends, 12. Meursault, 13. Daughter, 14. Beth Jeans Houghton, 15. Outfit.

[Lots of clips for these here]

Having randomly picked some of these to listen to – you won’t be surprised to hear we’ve never heard of half of them – we swiftly gave up. This doesn’t mean that there are some outfits in there that are worthy of praise, it’s just they’re not really our cup o’ cha. We are, after all, so bloody ALT…

The basic problem we have with this sort of thing is that none of the bands we think should be big are ever going to be big – not next year, not bloody ever. Sometimes that’s a shame; sometimes it’s a good thing. Still, here’s the five that we submitted because they’re fucking great and you should listen to them irrespective of their status and standing come the end of 2012. We’re all going to be DEAD come next December 12th anyway…

Trojan Horse:


Ghost Outfit:

Wolf People:

Benjamin Shaw:

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