The Field: Looping State of Mind

If this album had been released in the mid-90s it’s highly likely that Axel Willner aka The Field would’ve become a major dance superstar. In a time when Orbital and Underworld garnered mainstream success – the former’s ‘Satan (Live)’ got to number 3 in the charts in 1996 – the evident connoisseurship of Looping State of Mind would’ve stimulated bodies, strained sinews and scrambled emotions the world over. As it’s 2011 and this sort of tech-housey dance music is now, for the most part, an ‘underground’ concern (again), this album will not get the audience it deserves.

This injustice writes itself across your thoughts again and again on repeated listens. With bass lines that glide simply and effectively, an expert ear for the locked in groove and a tacit knowledge of when exactly it’s time to drop the loop, the pleasure and delight engendered is tinged with a slight melancholia for what could’ve been.

Still, this lost potential should not stop you from being entranced by the beauty of the repetitions, reversions and concepts engineered here. Highly recommended. Purchase.

Arpeggiated Love:

Is This Power:


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