Warm Digits: Keep Warm…with the Warm Digits

Many are the bands that use short opening tracks to albums and name them ‘Introduction’ or the like. And many are the times I find myself searching for the point of these little ditties and, as a result, skipping past in order to get to the main attraction. Warm Digits opt for this strategy with ‘Warm Welcome’, but succeed where many have failed: this little amuse-bouche, with its clattering drums and affectionate electronics gladdens the pallet for what it is to come (hmm, not sure about food metaphors for music…)

This is an album in a Kraut-Nouveau style that doesn’t try too hard to be deeply philosophical by keeping its finger on the pulse of entertainment and pleasure without becoming superficial or disposable. This is not to say ‘Keep Warm…With the Warm Digits’ is without meaning or impact. Instead one is left with a fuzz of joy and snugness. For example, ‘Keep Warm’ succeeds in its title’s aim through multiple uplifting, yet always comforting, melodies. The wryly titled ‘Trans-Pennine Express’ (one of this duo lives in Manc, the other Newcastle) is in a similar vein, whilst ‘Weapons Destruction’ finds them firmly in league with Holy Fuck. ‘Grapefruit’ highlights some serious and always welcome cowbell action and marries it to an all-out funk attack that ends up sounding like The Advisory Circle standing in the corner of a late-70s school disco. And on ‘A Warm Front, Coming from the North’ we’re still in the latter half of the 70s, but this time the place is Düsseldorf.

Make this something to cuddle up to by purchasing here. Ooh, and here’s some upcoming tour dates:

25/10/2011: London // The Old Blue Last (£FREE!), 8pm-12am.

26/10/2011: Manchester // The Factory £6/£5. 7.30pm start.

28/10/2011: Glasgow // Nice N’ Sleazy  £5, 8.30pm-11.30pm.

‘A Warm Front, Coming from the North’:

‘Trans-Pennine Express’:

‘Weapons Destruction’:


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