Ekoplekz: Intrusive Incidentalz Vol. 1

Given that our last two posts contained bits of music that could be broadly described as ‘songs’, today we return to the outer reaches of music-world via Bristolian Ekoplekz and his collection of tracks composed almost entirely of echoes, resonances, burblings and bubblings.

The summary affect of these reverberations and gurglings is best described as immersive – the equivalent of having your skull sonically engineered into a deep sea submersible and sunk deep beneath the surface into barely known aquatic worlds. As you float through and survey this watery landscape, alien ‘things’ swim in and out of view, sometimes shining with iridescent flashes, but more often fuzzing and darting their stings toward you in anger.

Difficult to place – part Radiophonic workshop on dub, part future bass type weirdness – Intrusive Incidentalz Vol. 1 might not be like anything else you hear this year or potentially much even further ahead. Given that appraisal, big lovely props go to Ekoplekz. Purchase.

Mangler Fish

Chemical Analysis (clip):

Devil Mixture:

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