Peopleodian: It Woke The Moon! EP

Even a little old blog like ours gets lots of mail and equally rare as us believing the buzz, on the odd occasion a band email will drop into the inbox that makes you listen up. So…

Take the wistful lightness of St. Etienne and the chic of Stereolab, mix with the electronic kaleidoscopic processing of Gyratory System and emulsify with a dash of Raymond Scott’s abstracted commercial futurism and you’re almost ready to understand Peopleodian.

What’s more, their debut EP ‘It Woke The Moon!’ – out on October 25th on their Bandcamp site (and hopefully iTunes) – is suffused and soaked with an otherwordly fairytale atmosphere.  And like the best Grimm versions there’s something disturbing lurking just beneath the surface: the moon that figures in both song titles and cover art might enchant but it might equally be a call to lycanthropes to bear their fangs.

Standout track is ‘Muddy Dream’ with its hallucinatory melody that works its way into your affections and being. This is closely followed by the ominous builds of ‘Vapor Puffs’ which entreats us that there “is no reason to be scared now.” But when a band cites H.P. Lovecraft as an influence should we not be a little wary of such advice….?

‘Muddy Dream’:

‘Vapour Puffs’

‘Muddy Dream’ live at the Violitionist Sessions:


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