Ghost Outfit: Tuesday​/​I Want Someone Else

It should be blindingly obvious by now, but Both Bars On is not a buzz blog. In fact our carefully crafted brand (I enjoyed typing that) is one that defines itself against such outlets. The reasons for this are numerous, but include: not having the time to hype the latest set of Brooklyn beards or bedroom nob twiddlers – we have jobs and this is a hobby; being too bloody cynical about just about everything (not limited to music) and hence we can’t get excited by bands that amount to an email address and a Bandcamp site with one half-arsed witch-shoe-step (or whatever) track on it (and scoff loudly at claims that they will change your life); we’re troubled by people who use the word ‘rad’ in either an ironic or non-ironic manner. But sometimes, just sometimes, a band comes along that deserve the excitement that they’ve generated elsewhere.

So I caught Ghost Outfit supporting EMA recently at the Deaf Institute and they impressed mightily. Packing some serious punch for a duo consisting of just guitar and drums (what have bass players done to be so fashionably ignored these days?) they cemented their elevation above the rest of the exaggerated wannabes by having some right old good tunes amidst their lo-fi, vaguely Wavves and No Age, scuzz n’ roll.

There’s an EP on Bandcamp here. And their first single proper is released on October 31st (nice planning) with a limited edition that includes handmade ghost toys – pre-order it here from Sways Records. Finally the video below for ‘I Was Good When I Was Young’ is, for want of a more pretentious turn of phrase, a ‘right good laugh’ and somehow markets contemporary Manchester better than any agency or Quango could ever hope for.


I Want Someone Else:

‘I Was Good When I Was Young’:


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  1. I quite like the sound of witch shoe.

  2. I thought you were more of a fan of espadrille-wave?

  3. No! That’s my least favourite kind of hipster footwear!

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