Cave: Neverendless

My first concentrated listen to Cave’s Neverendless happened on a motorway journey. As this entailed a coach trip to North Wales this was no shiny Mercedes or open-topped Chevrolet on an autobahn or desert highway. In fact the much vaunted Western dream of freedom through individual mobility was reduced to the simple mundane delight of having my own seat. Yet at least I was afforded a streaming vista to impregnate and coincide with the album that considerably improved and made pleasurable the overall expedition.

Of course in describing these circumstances you might think that Neverendless is only composed of tunes of a motorik bent, but this would be significantly off the mark: the psychedelic overtones of ‘OJ’ amounts an understated love-in or freak happening, Teutonic travelling is but a vague hint on the sun worshipping weird Americana of ‘On The Rise’, and the galactic synth sweeps and organs of ‘Adam Roberts’ have more in common with Moon Duo than Neu!

Yet the motorik propulsion is there on the spectacular opener ‘WUJ’ which sees the band taking turns to lead the sound, akin to the choreographed performance of some less than shiny car display team. Or the appropriately signified ‘This is the Best’ which drives itself forward, with scuzz and intangible shoutings, to the nine minute mark wherein it enters a section of pure tension and suspense that is never relieved – something that only adds to the sense of confidence and brilliance shining through the whole album.

I loved Cave’s last album Psychic Summer so much that it made my top ten of 2009. I’m sure that they had this in mind when recording this follow up (Probably/Possibly/Possibly not/ Probably not at all/Actually, no).

Still, it’s great. Purchase.

On The Rise



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  1. That WUJ is proper Hawkwind, like. Early/mid-period space rock style Hawkwind, too. The best bit.

  2. About 3 minutes in there’s no avoiding the likeness is there?

    And did you realise that your comment was the 666th on this blog? Hmmmm?

  3. Aha – I think we’ve just opened a wormhole or something.

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