Three Trapped Tigers: Route One Or Die

As a youth you know you’ve managed to carve out some sort of individuality when someone describes your music as a ‘racket’. Worn as a badge of pride and distinction, these moments of cleavage are all but redundant as you grow older and rightfully so. Yet, Three Trapped Tigers make such bloody racket on Route One or Die you can’t but hope that someone somewhere will observe you listening to it and grimace with disgust, tut and slam the door shut.

Descriptions for the aural commotion that TTT produce require an indulgence. So imagine if you will Drum Eyes and The Psychic Paramount in a wrestling ring bludgeoning the living shit out of each other, whilst ringside Autechre, Lightning Bolt, Parts & Labor, Slayer and Sabbath start a kerfuffle over drum patterning, the art of controlled electronic noise and the efficacy of riffage overriding the former. Ok, the wrestling/fighting analogy is a predictable reviewer’s conceit, but such analogies are almost inescapable in trying to convey the tumult of Three Trapped Tigers.

So we get ‘Noise Trade’ with its confusing yet absorbing opening few minutes which is part Extreme Noise Terror in its drum speed and part Richard D. James in its lilting synth line. And ‘Creepies’ has an undertow of bubbling Acid as the drums and guitars crash, snarl and collide over the top, whilst circuitry burns out alongside.

There are some more tender moments, such as ‘Mange’, and final track ‘Reset’ echoes Fuck Buttons or even Mogwai in its more cinematic ambitions. Yet this minimal scope for the gentle and the loving seems ready at any moment to teeter and topple into the swirling furious abyss verified elsewhere. And whilst some might hear an element of freeform J*zz here and there, I am studiously ignorant of such things and can’t hear anything like it. Purchase.


Noise Trade:

And just as I was about to publish this post a brilliantly bonkers video for ‘Reset’ starring Matt Berry blips up on the radar and proves that TTT are far from po-faced. If you do nothing else at least watch this:


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