Male Bonding: Endless Now

Contrary to the many meh-sayers out there, I think Male Bonding have pulled off a very clever trick with Endless Now: they sound like everybody else whilst sounding like no-one specifically. One could list about twenty bands that are echoed in their sound, but no single one would be really apt. Other bands, of course, continue to fail in this deception and sound just plain old shit.

This is driving power indie-punk-pop infused with a sunny yet angsty disposition that does an incredibly good job of dispelling the misery arising from the end of (another) summer and the onset of a (another) dank, ponky autumn. Guitars, at their low end, chug out riffs and, at their higher end, sculpt simple sugary and melancholy melodies. The vocals are breathily delivered and harmonies abound, and the drums, mostly making an appearance after a few bars of riff (when you hope and expect them to), are relentless. Most tracks clock in at the 3 minute mark, with the exception being one of the standout tracks, ‘Bones’ at 6:23.

I saw this lot supporting No Age at last year’s In The City festival and they made real impression live, something that has continued through to this recorded material. They come from Dalston, which when I lived in (that) London was always something of an adventure to visit, to put it mildly. Those memories still linger, but with Male Bonding’s sound of bright hope they’re slowly being transformed and exorcised.

Endless Now is currently breathing fresh air into my listening tastes and has had me bopping round like an idiot when left to my own devices (of course). I hope it does the same for you. Get yourself some of it here.

What’s That Scene?

Tame the Sun:


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  1. Well that’s me confounded, I thought I didn’t like this lot. I can certainly see the aptness of the No Age slot (I got some ritual stuff and old-school hardcore, not that I’m complaining). See you down the front!

  2. sorry to confuse.

    and why is it the phrase ‘see you down the front’ always sends a shiver of excitement?

    And at our age 😉

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