Mist: House

Emeralds’ Does It Look Like I’m Here was and remains a wonderful example of the trend of late, emanating mostly from the US, for revisiting 70s Kraut-esque modular synthscapes and kosmische explorations. With one half of Mist being John Eliot from Emeralds – the other is Sam Goldberg from Radio People – this trend continues. And I’d argue they’ve certainly matched if not surpassed the splendor of Does It Look… with House.

Contemporary alikes for House would be Oneohtrix Point Never and Blanck Mass, with Tangerine Dream, Cluster and Harmonia the obvious older touchstones. This can be heard most evidently on tracks such as ‘Daydream’ and thirteen minute ‘P.M.’ where the drifting waveforms wash over you with a glorious sumptuousness. Yet the soporific and dreamy is only half the story with this album: tracks such as ‘Twin Lanes’ and the bewilderingly titled ‘Ovary Stunts’ add some pace, weight and a degree of muscularity, without ever being pumped and ripped, and bring to mind the warmly eccentric orchestrations of Gyratory System.

House is a grand statement of analogic composition and worthy of your chasing. And if you decide on this course, it simply won’t do if you listen to these tracks on some tinny computer speakers like those there in front of you. Yes, those ones. So get it in your lovely lugs, enjoy and then purchase.

Ovary Stunts

Album Preview:


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