Zomby: Dedication

Zomby’s Dedication is a surprising album for at least two reasons. First, given his relentless and apparently skittish productivity it’s amazing that he managed to decide on the sixteen tracks included here. Second, this was a massively anticipated and often hyped album that manages to live up to expectations and associated hyperbole.

Previous long-player Where Were U in ‘92 was a joyous and celebratory revisit of early hardcore stuffed with air-horns, rattling breaks and rushes. Dedication contains the odd echo of the raves remembered on that album – the trancey effects on ‘Black Orchid’ and a one off air-horn at the start of the Panda Bear vocalled ‘Things Fall Apart’, for example. But here the spectrum of sounds is much broader and almost perplexing in its eclecticism – dancehall, electro, (post-)dubstep, C64 8-Bit, neo-samba, grimey house, cut-up vocals, gun-shot and human exhalations as rhythms, and even a poignant lone piano track on ‘Basquiat’.

With this diversity comes the only drawback of the album: the obvious attention deficiency that drives Dedication leaves some of the tracks as outlines rather than fully formed tunes (in a similar manner to Flying Lotus last year). Yet listened to as a whole these fragments somehow come together. Enjoy the hype here

Black Orchid

Natalia’s Song:


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