White Hills: H-P1

Dear Sir/Madam. Please welcome your new Masters of the Universe, White Hills.

It might be that the force of our Hawk Lords is strong in this one but there is so much more to H-P1 than another trotting out of the Acid Space Rock formula. White Hills deserve this elevated status through a palpable striving for something different. ‘Movement’, for example, is the sound of a reverbed guitar being repeatedly smacked into submission and is a brave gesture for an album’s second track. Then there’s the ambience of ‘I Need to Know’ that segues into the sinister deep space noises of ‘Hand in Hand’, or the heavy tribal drums with crafted feedback of ‘Monument’. Elsewhere, White Hills add a sparkle of glam and sleaze to their space-rock – ‘Upon Arrival’ being the main case point.

White Hills know when to knock out a few gargantuan riffs and layer the guitars for maximum force – ‘The Condition of Nothing’ kicks things off in such a vain – and when to transform tension into pleasure through repetition. The most ear-grabbing tune is ‘Paradise’ – twelve minutes of intergalactic travel punctuated by the hiss of narrowly avoided space debris as you float in artificial amniotic gunk in a state of suspended animation (Look I like getting carried away with my space themes, ok?)

This is an album that shimmers and shines with ideas and class from start to finish. Bathe in its glorious light here.


The Condition of Nothing:


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  1. I’m not going to do any more space gags. I’ve not heard anything by this lot beyond their collaboration with GNOD so this is very welcome. — TRANSMISSION ENDS —

  2. Actually: ‘Paradise’ is brilliant. That’s another sale

  3. It’s still playing, and it’s still brilliant

  4. 🙂

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