NASDAQ: Dead Peasants

One of the best gigs I’ve been to in recent months was Japanese orchestral post-rockers Mono at Sound Control. They were excellent, but it’s the support band NASDAQ that I want to concentrate on here. On stage they were three unassuming young fellows producing something that is best described as post-rock-prog. And I was totally and properly absorbed within minutes despite or perhaps because of the lack of onstage movement or theatrics. The album Dead Peasants was purchased at half time without hesitation.

What singles out NASDAQ from their contemporaries is their exquisite sensibility to timing – with an intuitiveness that I can only dream of they know precisely when to shift the mood and emotion by introducing enormous riffs that perfectly complement the more down tempo sections, as well as mixing in the odd trace of voices both harmonic and demonic. NASDAQ’s music seems to be infused with such a sense of love in what they are creating that it eschews all pretentiousness and self-aggrandizing.

Dead Peasants consists of one 26 minute long track. If I’d said that 20 years ago most people would have shrieked and legged it. But we’re beyond that now aren’t we? Well we should be. It’s available here to buy. If you want stuff for free, then their previous Strategic Solutions For Powerful People is available to download here, but try this on for size first:

Dragon’s Den

And if you can’t be bothered to shell out the enormous sum of seven whole pounds for Dead Peasants then listen to it in its entirety below:

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