DELS: Capsize (featuring Joe Goddard and Roots Manuva)

This is one of those singles you hear on the radio and can’t then forget. MC and all round smart cookie DELS gets a helping hand from Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Roots Manuva on this track from his first album Gob. After a typically show-stealing intro from Mr Manuva, the Rodney to DELS’ Del-Boy, we get some genuinely rabble-rousing lines from DELS:

Ain’t nothing changed since Britain turned blue/Except more cuts more problems, masks/Looks like that we’re all fucked, no lube/Cameron better stay clear of my arse/Kick down the doors of parliament for the truth/And have a word with the PM and ask…

Which leads into a chorus that suggests “We need to stick together”… a call for solidarity, released three days before a major strike? OK, the album has been out since April but this is nice timing. Musically it’s hard to ignore that enormous, squelchy, bassline, but there’s also a great blast of brass and some 303 squeakery. It’s the complete package. If we get any more summer it could be the sort of pop song we really deserve.

You should also think about buying Gob. And/or this remix of the title track by David Sitek (TV On The Radio), which is great.

More on DELS and on places to buy this music here.



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  2. Actually I’ll change that to a really like. On this sort of tip I’m liking Ghostpoet as well.

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