Gnod’s 2010 collaboration with White Hills (Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II) was and remains a brilliant voyage through space rock, psyche and krautcore. However, with INGNODWETRUST, Gnod have delivered an album that deviates from these well trodden paths into something utterly enthralling and extraordinary.

Consisting of only two tracks, clocking in at 20:04 and 13:14 and taking up one side of this vinyl only release each, you might think you’re being short-changed, but how wrong you’d be. Side A, ‘Tony’s First Communion’, presents a mesmerising throb of bass and drums, swirling guitars and incantations that can only be a soundtrack of cathartic resistance to memories of the ritual indicated by its title.

Yet it’s on Side B’s ‘Vatican’ where Gnod have really delivered something very special: a heretical thomp of distorted drums and eschatological noise that shifts six minutes in – after a breakdown of demonic voices and hellish organs – to the sound of all that is apocalyptic. I’ve been living with this track for a few weeks now and it’s still as disturbing a listen as when I first encountered it. The sound of The Tribulation and no mistake.

Get overcome by the power of our Lord Gnod Almighty here.

Vatican (not uploaded by the band so of dubious legitimacy I suppose):


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